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Go Distributed

Procure clean energy in the places, times and communities that are important to your business

This Bay Area startup will help steer billions of dollars towards clean energy investments.

A new way to buy clean energy

WattCarbon aggregates distributed energy resources nationwide to provide organizations with a flexible and high impact way to buy clean energy and meet their goals.

Distributed clean energy enables procurement of any volume, in any market, with projects that are shovel ready, driving immediate impacts for our climate and our communities.

A satellite image of an urban landscape, with 75 distributed energy resource projects marked on buildings across the landscape. The projects come from a vPPA for energy from batteries that was purchased on August 1st, 2023. Since October 1st, 2023, the vPPA has produced 381.0 Megawatt-hours of energy.

Drive impact you can see

Scale distributed clean energy resources that are deployed immediately, reducing emissions and bringing health and economic benefits to households nationwide.

Light switch

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy use


Battery Storage

Amplify renewables during peak hours

Heat pump

Heat Pumps

End fossil fuels in homes

Solar panels

Rooftop Solar

Decarbonize the dirtiest grids

Data partners
WattCarbon partners with distributed clean energy suppliers nationwide to scale their impact and accelerate decarbonization.
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Ways to scale clean energy

Flexible and transparent EAC procurement so you can get exactly what you need.

  1. Currency

    EAC Market

    Buy exactly what you need, when you need it. All newly built supply within 3 years.

  2. Checklist


    Set it and forget it. Receive new, fixed EACs every month, pay as you go.

  3. Supply and demand curve on a graph


    Custom, flexible procurement to meet your unique goals. No minimum volume required.

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EACs help you maximize impact

An Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) is a granular certificate that shows every attribute of clean energy, generated by the watt-hour. EACs provide far more transparency than traditional RECs, and enable targeted procurement so you can buy based on the impacts you need, with complete confidence in your clean energy claims.

View emissions intensity and buy where the grid is dirty

Diversify your procurement and buy night hours

View operation date and buy new energy supply

Scale clean energy equity

Mockup of an energy attribute certificate. The amount is 1 kilowatt-hour. The energy resource is Battery. The dispatch date is January 1st, 2024. The dispatch time is 7PM. The location is Texas, with coordinates 32.80 North 97.60 West.  . The operation start date is December 1, 2023. The utility is Oncor. The balancing authority is ERCOT. The emissions intensity is 408.9 kilograms CO2 per Megawatt-hour. Other attributes are Low/Moderate Income Community.

Buying clean energy with EACs

Because the energy grid carries a mixture of energy generated from clean and dirty energy sources, energy buyers can't receive only the clean electrons. Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) give energy buyers a unique claim to the electrons on the grid that are generated from clean energy sources.

Monetize your carbon impacts

The WattCarbon Energy Attribute Tracking System (WEATS) values and tracks emission reductions from all forms of energy decarbonization. Add your distributed energy generators, create EACs, and sell them on our marketplace.

Report with confidence and granular transparency

WattCarbon is powered by open-source measurement & verification and a 24/7 EAC registry that tracks impact to each gram of CO2e and watt-hour. Have confidence your procurement is free from double counting, compliant with reporting frameworks, and future-proofed in anticipation of increased rigor and scrutiny.

Data Sources and Partners

  1. energy meter
    Meter data
  2. weather measurement instrument
    Weather data from NOAA
  3. map of US energy grid
    Energy grid data from EIA

Tools for next-generation decarbonization strategies

Introducing WattCarbon+, your new all-in-one destination for achieving 100% carbon free energy.

Clean Energy Buyers

Streamline management with a single platform for on-demand tracking, procurement and reporting. Track portfolios and individual assets at every hour of the day.

Clean Energy Companies

Add carbon intelligence to your products. Leverage our API for automated carbon accounting, report generation, and customer engagement.

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A user interface showing a company's Energy Overview for 2023. It includes all their energy assets and shows the overall hourly fuel mix and carbon-free energy scores.