WattCarbon+ is your all-in-one destination for achieving 100% carbon-free energy

WattCarbon Plus, overview of assets

A single destination to streamline your path to 100% carbon-free energy

Track, manage, procure and plan, all in one place.


Track hourly energy consumption, fuel mix and carbon emissions for all of your buildings in the US.


Manage your entire energy portfolio with on-demand analysis of hourly consumption, production, and procurement. Available rolled up or disaggregated by asset.


Seamlessly procure clean energy to match your exact needs, by location or time of day.


Optimize decarbonization investments by integrating asset level visibility with long-term emissions trends.

Built for next-generation decarbonization strategies

Clean Energy Buyers

Streamline your CFE management with a single, integrated platform and on-demand revenue-grade reporting zoomed in or out as needed.


Scale innovative customer decarbonization programs and deliver next-level insights to your best customers.

Clean Energy Companies

Prepare for next-generation procurement with hourly tracking of your clean energy products. Integrated emissions data for impact claims.

The Energy Transition doesn't have to be complicated

We're here to keep things simple.

The energy sector is being reinvented for the era of decarbonization. Without the right tools, the complexity can be overwhelming.

Manage distributed energy resources to increase the value of renewables. Orchestrate supply and demand to improve resilience. Deliver climate value to your most valuable customers.

As regulations change, you will need flexibility to change alongside them. Don't get caught by surprise.