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We are the engineers of WattCarbon. We bring different experiences, different skills, and different perspectives to bear on a singular challenge: how can we write software in the most elegant way to allow hundreds of millions of buildings around the world to decarbonize? Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to join us in this effort.

Our Story

Keith wrote the first lines of code at WattCarbon. He wired up a view into carbon emissions data so that we could start to figure out how to combine it with energy data. After a few months, we hired Steve to build a data layer to our platform. He figured out how to use synthetic data to model the energy consumption of buildings in real time. A few months later we hired Neil to help us build systems to manage the inflow and outflow of data with our partners. 

We love figuring out how to solve problems to help make energy decarbonization easier. Keith's front-end experience makes it possible for us to illuminate the data so that it's more interpretable. Steve's penchant for dataframes gives us incredible flexibility within our data infrastructure. Neil's wisdom helps make sure that we deliver our customers what they need, when they need it.

We are excited to build an open-source community around energy decarbonization. If you are building in an adjacent space we'd love to collaborate on tools that will make us all more effective.

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